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"Great book it might be better then the 1st one . I can't wait..."
In: Ambryn & the Cheaters of Death
by: rguignard
"That's great news. Ever since hearing the first chapter of Tesser, I've been eagerly..."
In: Audible Studios to release Tesser: A Dragon Among Us
by: Detroit-MNKY
"I really likes the little teaser in that audio book. Will Tesser be on..."
In: At Least He's Not on Fire, now in print
by: Detroit-MNKY
"When is it coming out?"
In: Ambryn: The Cheaters of Death
by: yrneh
"I'll be buying this one when published as well - fantastic story..."
In: All good things...
by: NGIB
"I'm sad that it's nearing the end as I really like this story......"
In: As we reach the ending...
by: NGIB
"I like the way that you inspire others to unleashthier talents full force..."
In: An article you can read that I wrote.
by: Warrior
"I am a giant whore when it comes to spreading the word. I..."
In: I am a busy beaver!
by: Chris Philbrook
"I was thinking last night about what a shameless self promoter you are. It's..."
In: I am a busy beaver!
by: fortissimo
"LOL... pooty xD"
In: I am a busy beaver!
by: Edyn15
"As good as ELMORAN n0owe need tshirts"
In: Chapter Six!
by: ronald

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